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In working with internet retailers and e-commerce customers we are always looking for ways to help our clients increase conversion rates. As an industry best practice we have always recommended incorporating Paypal Express Checkout for users and here are a couple of reasons:

  • Quicker checkout experience- The user can use their information on file to checkout. They simple sign into PayPal and are able to check out in one simple step.
  • Information is stored in less places- By utilizing PayPal Express the user is less likely to have information stored on other websites.  This provides the user with an enhanced level of security.
  • Savvier internet shopper- Most people who use PayPal are savvier internet users and tend to shop more online.  Meaning that as a internet retailer you are targeting a user that more likely to buy online.

Pandigi Experience

Recently we had an e-commerce client remove PayPal Express Checkout button (against our recommendations) on there site for three days as a test to see if they should continue to use PayPal Express Checkout (which charges slightly higher fees then their traditional merchant services provider) .  The sales effects were staggering, our client saw almost a 20% drop in sales over the three day span.  This test quickly provided the importance of PayPal Express Checkout and why we recommend this to all of our e-commerce clients.

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