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Our Approach

Is a journey to create the best
user experience possible.

Ideation & Requirements

Learning about your ideas, brainstorming, and working with your business to gather requirements to start planning.

Selection Process & Scheduling

The software and vendor(s) are selected based on the project requirements and the project scopes and plans are created.

Wireframes & Technical Specifications

Documentation to build the website application including: sitemap, wireframes, technical specification, and content planning.

Content Guidelines & Creation

Drafting of the content, image selection/creation, style guidelines are created to be followed by the designer in the next phase.

Design & Code Implementation

Installation of the software, building of the technology application and the design is created and implemented based on the requirements.

Testing & Application Launch

The most crucial step for project success and involves testing the application based on the requirements and releasing to your target audience.

Monitor, Feedback, & Roadmap

An ongoing process which involves monitoring the application, getting continues feedback from your users, and planning future updates/phases.

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